Protecht - Admin

Developing a web application layout for a healthcare administrative team.


UX/UI Designer

Project Time

2 weeks


Design thinking Process

Figma Prototyping (Low- Mid- High fidelity)

Project Background

Protecht is an early-stage health-tech company focused on health promotion and disease prevention. They offer a personalized experience empowering people with knowledge to make better health and lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, Protecht invites health professionals to share qualified information about health by creating content for our community and digital platform in contribution healthcare professionals broaden their networking by building trust.

The Challenge

The Process

After researching and studying the tasks that a content manager must perform, I conducted 4 interviews. The goal of the interviews was to learn what content managers experience and to get more insight in their working habits.

The interview results helped me discover a clear idea of which user pain points need focus to make the project a success.

How might we design an intuitive user interface that allows admins to complete straightforward tasks?

Design Decisions

Designing the sitemap allowed me to understand the website's structure and place the principal actions that the user will pass through, making it easier to navigate and take other design decisions.


First, a low-fidelity protype is created to get quick and inital validation of the concept. Next, the wireframe moves to a mid-fidelity state to create details and simplify the layout. Finally, the users highlighted three features that they experienced as pleasant and easy to use.

Color Palette


High Fidelity Prototype

Let’s make something beautiful ❤️✨