Designing a dark mood digital fashion magazine


UX/UI Designer

Project Time

1 week


Double Diamond UX design

Figma Prototyping (Low- Mid- High fidelity)


Anna Roman & Laura Florez

Project Background

The rise of the digital press has seen a tremendous peak over the last years. The audience is increasing as millennials grow older and desire new forms of content.

The best magazines and newspapers had already launched their digital version in early 2000, but it has been only in the last 5 years that the digital experience started to take its own shape.

With the number of readers increasing, publishers are prompted to deliver quality content and a great digital product for readers to experience a different but still unique act of opening up a magazine and diving into it.

The Challenge

The Process

By conducting surveys and interviews, we found that millenials prefer spending more time on Instagram than digital magazines because they can find fast visual information and interact with the latest fashion news.

This leads to three main points.

How might we deliver more visual content in less time?

User Persona

Candice - 28 years old

Candice works full time in a clothing store, and she likes to be updated with the latest trends.

She love fashion, but she has no time to read every fashion magazine individually. She likes to scan through magazines to get a feeling for the newest trends.

This brought us to the idea to combine a physical fashion magazine with an Instagram look and feel.


Color Palette

We used colors that allude to ice cream, matching the brand "Scoop" concept of sharing a small "scoop" of news before other magazines.


High Fidelity Prototype

Let’s make something beautiful ❤️✨