Create an app for personalized yoga courses


UX/UI Designer

Project Time

2 weeks


Double Diamond UX design

Figma Prototyping (Low- Mid- High fidelity)


Belen Mora & Laura Florez

Project Background

Flex Yoga is a product for an educational company that offers various in-person and virtual courses.

Every course has a duration of 2 weeks that includes 10 theoretical lectures and 10 pratical activities with personalized feedback. The students must choose 5 lectures and 5 activities.

The Challenge

The Process

Before designing our product, we defined what we knew and what are blindspots were. Researching competitive solutions helped us to better visualize the online market for Yoga lessons. This lead to a deep insight into pricing, class modalities and app features. As a final step, we crafted a survey and did two interviews with users.

The results can be summarized in 3 points.

How can we design a yoga app that suits the schedule preferences and capabilities of the students?

User Persona

Jane - 32 years old

Jane works full-time remotely as a project manager, she is interested in investing in her health and improve her lifestyle.

She would like to immerse herself in yoga fully, but her schedule varies constantly.

Theoric and practice lessons help engage users to have a complete experience. This lead to 3 points to focus on.


Color Palette


High Fidelity Prototype

Let’s make something beautiful ❤️✨